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Trucking Accidents and Injuries – Medical Expenses

Trucking Accidents and Injuries – Medical Expenses

Who Pays Medical Bills Incurred as a Result of a Truck Crash?

undefinedBeing involved in an accident with a large truck can affect every aspect of your life.  Many people injured in a trucking accident are not prepared for the medical expenses that quickly add up.  It can be daunting to try to figure out exactly how much your injuries are going to cost over your lifetime.  Many times in the immediate aftermath of an accident, victims will accept the first settlement offered by the negligent party's insurance company.  Unfortunately, this amount rarely covers the total amount of losses caused by the accident.  From medical treatments to lost wages, you may be left significantly worse off than you were before the crash.

Options for Covering Medical Expenses

A negligent truck driver and potentially the company that owns the truck may be required to cover your medical expenses if they were at fault or even contributed to the accident that caused your injuries.  The amount of damages available to you will depend on the jurisdiction where the truck accident occurred.  Determining liability can be a complicated matter and usually requires a thorough investigation.  It is imperative that you hire a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer immediately after the accident to maximize your compensation.

Most people have health insurance that they pay for out-of-pocket, or that is covered by their employer.  While your health insurance should cover a portion of your medical treatments, you could still be entitled to compensation.   It is essential that you keep a detailed record of all of your medical bills, even if they are submitted to your health insurance company. 

Reimbursement after a Trucking Accident

Many people do not realize that a liable party (the person at fault for the accident) does not have to pay your medical expenses as they are incurred.  Compensation, usually paid through the negligent party's insurance company, is given once the case is settled.  Damages, including lost wages, future medical treatments, and pain and suffering, may be negotiated by a legal representative handling your case.  If the insurance company does not agree to the settlement amount, then your case may have to go to a jury.  A jury would make a determination of liability and award damages if the other party was found at fault.  

No matter what the circumstances of your trucking accident you should continue medical treatment.  Never stop or delay treatment or your claim for damages could be reduced or even denied.  Always follow your doctor’s advice and keep your attorney informed of any changes in your condition or treatment options