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Commercial Vehicle Accident Types

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Out of the 276+ million vehicles on the road, 5 percent of them are commercial vehicles. We often see a wide variety of commercial vehicles on the road—whether it is 18-wheeler trucks, transportation vehicles, or delivery trucks. Although there are relatively few commercial vehicles, there is a high rate of commercial vehicle fatalities. Up to 11 percent of vehicle crash fatalities involve large trucks. In most cases, commercial vehicle accidents result in life-changing (or “catastrophic”) injuries.

If you or a loved one were injured in a commercial vehicle accident, it is vital to contact an experienced trucking attorney. A trucking attorney can investigate your case, file a claim, and help you obtain the monetary compensation you deserve to recover from your injuries. Receiving financial compensation can help you pay for your medical bills, replenish your savings, and secure your future. The team at Truck Accident Firms may be able to help you. We’re highly knowledgeable experts when it comes to trucking cases, so we know the best lawyers to handle your case.

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Nationwide Commercial Vehicle Accidents

One of the main reasons why commercial vehicle accidents occur is because of distracted driving. This includes texting and driving, eating or drinking, and operating a radio or GPS device. Another common contribution to commercial accidents is the high expectations of truck drivers. Commercial truck drivers are subject to harsh conditions that push them to their mental and physical limits. In most cases, employers rush commercial vehicle drivers to get their job done which makes them drive while fatigued—without realizing that they are a significant hazard on the road. This can be the case for various types of commercial vehicle accidents.

There are different types of commercial vehicle accidents, including:

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If you were injured in any commercial vehicle accident, it is vital to have an experienced expert handle your case. After sustaining injuries in a commercial vehicle accident, your medical bills are likely to increase, along with all your other expenses. That’s why it is vital to seek the compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t have to pay for the damages that someone else caused.

Get a commercial vehicle accident attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights and develop a case to obtain the most compensation possible under the law. The team at Truck Accident Firms connects survivors and grieving families with reliable, skilled, and accomplished attorneys nationwide. We can help you find the best legal counsel with the experience and expertise needed to secure life-changing results.

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

  • Equipment Failure

    Brake problems, tire problems and other equipment failures 

  • Speeding

    Truck driver traveling too fast for conditions

  • Roadway Problems

    Issues with the highway such as potholes or wreckage

  • Fatigue

    Truck driver is overworked or drove over the allotted number of hours

  • Alcohol/Drug Use

    Truck driver used alcohol or illegal drugs while operating the vehicle

  • Distractions

    Truck driver is distracted by objects or persons inside vehicle

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